According to the World Meteorological Organization the average global temperature is now 1.1oC higher compared to per-industrial times, leading to increase of extreme weather events across the globe. The COP26 summit, to be held in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November, 2021, will bring countries together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 2021 is significant pivotal year for climate action as the agreements measures take effect.

Despite being a Least Developed Country, Ethiopia has already placed itself on the path to undertake a substantial national program of climate action, outlined in the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy (CRGE) which is Ethiopia’s strategy for addressing both climate change adaptation and mitigation objectives. The CRGE is integrated into the Second Growth and Transformation Plan and the upcoming 10 year perspective plan. In the long term, Ethiopia intends to achieve its vision of becoming carbon-neutral, with the mid-term goal of attaining middle income status. YNCCC, in partnership with Ethiopian Environment Forest and Climate Change Commission, Climate Change Consortia – Ethiopia, Bored Cell Phone Addis Ababa and Gofere Acts , is running a short film competition for Ethiopian youth as a means to create awareness about climate change issues and the need for enhanced climate actions. The competition is being run as part of the National Environmental Campaign initiated by the Ethiopian Environment Forest and Climate Change Commission The short film should highlight the climate action being taken by various stakeholders including youth, farmers and others. The Top 15 movies which are selected by the judges will be screened on the Event and the top 3 movies among them will have a Prize. The Event will be hosted during the meeting days of National Environmental Campaign led by Environment Forests and Climate Change Commission. Participants will have time starting from Feb 5 2021 – 15 April 2021 to finalize their movies. On the last week we will announce the submission link. We will not accept Copyright videos and movies which include footages from another movie, Documentary or YouTube video.

  1. 1. Participants should be less than 25 years of age and should be enrolled in a college/university.
  2. 2. Participants could pick any theme such as waste management, sustainability, climate smart agriculture, zero waste, renewable energy, pollution etc. and make a short film about it.
  4. 4. The film should be shot using mobile phones.
  5. 5. Everyone all over Ethiopia can participate.

  1. 1. Genre - All genres are accepted.
  2. 2. Running Time - The movies should be 6 minutes long or shorter. No exceptions are made. Running time includes end credits.
  3. 3. Formats - MOV or .mp4.
  4. 4. Language - Your short film can be in any language. English subtitles are required. Subtitles can be added in the video editing program.
  5. 5. Submission - You will submit online. When the deadline reaches we will be annoucing the submission link.
  6. 6. Pictures or poster of the film - You will submit one poster of your film.

  1. 1. Story - relevance of topic choice and storytelling – 25%
  2. 2. Creativity - what new ideas and new ways of seeing at things you can bring, how your movie can change people’s opinion and their perspective’s – 20%
  3. 3. Cinematography - appropriate usage of shots, camera angles, lightings, good usage of color etc.– 20%
  4. 4. Editing– 20%
  5. 5. Audio and sound effects– 15%

Running from 5 Feb - 15 April, 2021

Organized By

Khalid Mohammad

AAU, Ethiopia

Akayou Adane

AAU, Ethiopia


AAU, Ethiopia

Eyob Maru

AAU, Ethiopia

Our Sponsers

Judge Panel


Director and Cinematographer Tom Film School

Ato mensur Dessie

Director, Multilateral Enviromental Agreements Negotiation Coordination Directorate, EFCCC- FDRE