Ethiopia Codes for Climate


Ethiopia Codes for Climate

Started 1st August, 2021

Launching Program

Ethiopia Codes is a two-month program that will teach high school students how to code in python. The program is one of the many initiatives under the Youth Negotiation on Climate Change Convention ( YNCCC). This program is first intended to run at Minilik II Secondary School. This is first to look at the interest and motivation of students. We expect to expand after the first commencement.

Ethiopia Codes is run under the innovation branch of YNCCC. The innovation branch is responsible for organizing and hosting various tech-related events, running training on technological skills, coming up with solutions to climate change problems and causes, and many more tasks.

This program helps students understand the fundamentals of coding and teaches them how they can use this skill to solve their day-to-day problems. Moreover, the program also tries to relate climate change solutions to programming.

With the ever-expanding field of Computer Science, Ethiopia’s youth needs to be ready for the future. Computer programming classes are yet to be given to high schoolers, especially to those going to public schools.


Our curriculum and teaching materials are from AddisCoder.

Month 1

Week Topic
Week 1 Types, variables, operations, comments, and errors.
Week 2 Printing, lists, strings, and functions, and later Control flow, and review.
Week 3 Loops, and more functions.
Week 4 Recursion basics, and Tic Tac Toe.

Month 2

Week Topic
Week 1 Loops.
Week 2 Functions, indexing, loops, and later Recursion basics.
Week 3 Recursion, and later More recursion.
Week 4 List comprehension, time complexity, and search.

Staff Advisors

Dr. Addis Gezahegn

Staff Advisor Assistant Professor, Computational Data Science Program Addis Ababa University

Dr. Satishkumar Belliethathan

Staff Advisor Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University

Organized By

Akayou Adane Kitessa

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Surafel Kindu Mulaw

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia


Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Nabek Abebe Lemi

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Yosef Mesfin Getu

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Halid Mohammed

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Eyob Maru

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Hanna Girma Gebretsadik

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Bethelhem Areg

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Abenezer Abera Golda

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia

Biruk Jembre

Assistant Lecturer AAU, Ethiopia