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Global warming presents the gravest threat to life on Earth in all of human history. The planet is warming to a degree beyond what many species can handle, altering or eliminating habitat, reducing food sources, causing drought and other species-harming severe weather events, and even directly killing species that simply can’t stand the heat. Many people have been and still are victims of this big crisis.

Problem Statement

Even though we are a direct victim of Global Warming, we are not trying to fix it. This might be one of the many reasons. For example:

Solution being implemented

With our software developers and environmental activists with in YNCCC, Under the leadership of Surafel Kindu - Innovation and Technology Coordinator, YNCCC. We are working on a software product that can bridge the awareness gap between people.

Website and Mobile application

  • Uploading and sharing research and climate negotiation materials includes (Documents, Recordings, External links)
  • Categorized research and other materials view based on: (Date of publishment, Place of research, Place of publishment, Country...)
  • Account related includes (Account creation, Social interactions(Follow, Like researches, Share documents), Logout and Login)
  • Get notified for (New posts, Messages, New climate-related events)


  • IOS
  • Android
  • Website

Project Current Progress

  • Project planning and requirement gathering completed.
  • UI/UX Design is in progress to be finished before July-20th of 2021
  • The next step is Software Development.